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Established in 2013, Chakratec is a leading provider of flywheel energy storage technology for EV charging. Chakratec’s solutions enable the mass adoption of EVs by facilitating the deployment of fast and ultra-fast EV charging stations anywhere, including locations with a weak grid.

The EV market is growing and developing rapidly with worldwide regulatory support to accelerate the transition to EVs. It is forecasted that by 2030, the EV market will exceed 150 million units. An extensive rollout of fast-charging points along roads and highways is critical to overcoming the main obstacle to EV mass adoption – the “range anxiety”. To date, fast and ultra-fast EV chargers can only be installed where the grid infrastructure can support high-power supply (i.e. near high voltage lines — transmission grid).

Chakratec brings enabling innovation aiming to accelerate the EV revolution, through a reliable, safe, and sustainable energy storage solution with significant cost and performance advantages over competing battery-based solutions.

We are proud to have been awarded a number of significant industry recognized prizes, including the prestigious 2017 eMove 360, the 2018 ENREL award and the 2020 EVIES award in the energy storage category.

We are constantly adhering our vision to enable high penetration of sustainable technologies by providing economic and environmental electricity storage solutions.






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Introducing the Kinetic Power Booster

Chakratec has developed a unique kinetic energy storage technology, which enables unlimited high power charge and discharge cycles.

Utilizing our proprietary Kinetic Power Booster technology, Chakratec facilitates the deployment of fast and ultra-fast EV charging stations anywhere, including locations with a weak grid.

We offer kinetic power boosters, high power chargers and fully managed charging services for electric vehicles.

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